Installing insulated chimneys

Installing an insulated metal chimney in a flat or cathedral ceiling

chimney_installNote: Wood stove must be installed no closer to the wall than specified on the name plate, and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to do so can cause a fire. A permit and inspection from your town is  required for installation of wood stoves and chimneys.

View complete installation instructions for Supervent Insulated Chimneys (sold at Lowes) 

The following parts are required for your installation Cathedral Ceiling or flat ceiling support, or adjustable roof support.

  • Roof Flashing Assembly
  • Storm collar, installed above roof flashing assembly
  • Suitable lengths of chimney: -Must be appropriate size for the wood stove, and must extend at least 2′ higher than any point within 10′ on the roof., capped with a rain cap
  • Attic, rafter or joist shield
  • Transition T from insulated chimney to the stove pipe (single or double wall)
  • Roof tripod support kit

Many brands of insulated chimney roof or ceiling mount systems can support a total of 30 feet, of chimney. Chimney joints made below the support must be secured with locking bands, and we recommend securing all joints with locking bands, mandatory below the support or at any turns.  The chimney T-branch must extend at least three feet into the living space where the stove pipe connector will be attached to the chimney.  Insulated chimneys are usually mounted from the ceiling, using the specified support system from the manufacturer. The systems are different for flat and pitched ceilings

roof_supportThis is the layout for a metal insulted chimney passing through a roof, using a roof support instead of a ceiling support. This method of securing the chimney is particularly suitable for cathedral ceilings. Each 3′ chimney section is screwed into the next, and secured with a locking band. Insulated metal chimneys must be no closer than 2″ to framing, roofing, or any other flamable material. When installing a chimney in a room with a flat ceiling and passing through an attic, you must use an attic insulation shield. In an enclosed space, such as rafters and joists, you must surround the insulated pipe with a rafter or joist radiation shield. The Illustration below is for installing a rafter shield around a chimney that is supported with a roof support system as shown below.

insulated chimney rafter shield


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