The Oscillating Tool: How did I manage without this ?

When they first appeared on the market, I purchased an oscillating blade tool to undercut baseboard toslide new flooring boards underneath rather than pull the baseboards and have to deal with all the re-nailing, patching and painting. It made quick work of cutting the nails on window trim. rather than prying on the casings. On a bathroom tile job the next day I used the oscillating tool to cut out the bottom 3/8″ of drywall so I could slide the tiles underneath, as shown in the photo above.

Like a sawzall, you’ll go through blades when you discover how handy this tool is. Metal-cutting blades wear quickly, especially if you hit a hardened sheetrock screw. There are a lot of mounting systems but Versa-Tool makes quality universal oscillating tool blades that fit most systems including the Master Mechanic model. At $39.95, the price for the 1-3/8-Inch Wood Cutting Universal Oscillating Saw Blade 10 Pack, and Bi-Metal Universal Oscillating Saw Blade 10 Pack is what you would pay for just a couple of these blades at the big box stores.

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