Silverline 8500 series vinyl windows with optional dividers
Silverline 8500 series vinyl windows with optional dividers

An economical choice for replacing your older drafty wooden windows are Silverline premium quality vinyl replacement windows, available in a range of styles and finishes. Silverline windows are owned by Andersen. These airtight replacements come standard with low-e glass and a U-factor of .35, or U-32 with Argon gas.

Compare this to a U-factor of 1.06 for your old drafty single pane sashes, and you’ll realize how much heat you can save.

I’ve been installing Silverline windows for several years, and have never experienced any of the structural problems seen with cheaper quality vinyl replacement windows. The 8500 series double hung replacement windows have fused joints, the window glass is fused to the sash frames to prevent separation or distortion, and they have two sash locks. All windows come with a 1/2 height insect screen with a full screen option, and are tilt-wash for easy cleaning. Silverline windows are stocked in many of the most common sizes, and can be custom ordered in 1/4″ increments at no extra charge. Options include tempered, obscurred, or tinted glass, and internal 13/16″ simulated dividers. 8500 series windows are available in white or beige. 9500 series windows also offer the option of medium oak color and brass simulated dividers.

When I replace your windows I also finish the interior and exterior surfaces. I’ll first remove the old aluminum storm windows, crape off the old caulk, fill the screw holes, sand and touch up the exterior casings. The wooden window sashes are removed, as well as the window stops, metal weights, ropes, etc that held them in place. The window weight cavity is filled with fiberglass insulation. Before the vinyl insert is installed, the receiving edges of the window frame stops are caulked with 30 year siliconized latex caulk.

Next, the new window unit goes in, and any spaces between it and the frame are again filled with insulation. Caulk is applied to the finish stops and they are nailed back in to hold the window tight in the opening. Concealed screws in the top, middle and bottom of the vinyl unit are tightened to assure that it is installed square and true. Finally, a small bead of caulk is applied where the vinyl unit meets the outside stop, and the re-installed inside stop is caulked, filled, and touched up for a finished look.


Price: The usual price for the window and labor is approximately $325 per window, depending on size and location. Extras include obscure glass, foam filled sashes, and internal dividers.

For more elegant wooden replacement windows, I install the Andersen 400 Woodwright series. This client wanted to remove the sliding door from their dining room to the deck and replace it with windows that would match the Andersen Renewal fibrex faux-oak cottage style replacement windows that had been installed by the previous owner. The Renewal windows are available only from Andersen-certified contractors, so instead, I ordered identical Woodwright oak windows, and the match was perfect.