This small kitchen has a very nice set of floor and wall cabinets, but the cabinets over the island extension that separates the kitchen from the breakfast nook made the room feel even smaller.

Kitchen island overhead cabinet
This cherry cabinet over the kitchen island is attractive but blocked people’s view of each other and reduced light from the window on the other side of the room.
We removed the overhead cabinet, cut, divided it in half and attached the right side to the wall cabinets as shown in this photo.

A larger job

The photos below are a kitchen that I enlarged by taking down the wall to an adjoining room and relocating the cabinets.

A wall with doorway separated the kitchen from a small study.
The wall separating the two rooms has been removed, but the upper cabinets are still hanging from the ceiling.
This is the study before the wall was removed
The wall and upper cabinets have been removed.
View of the finished combined kitchen and study from the same angle. The suspended cabinets were rebuilt to mount on the wall over the relocated sink, with a window replacing the sliding door, which was relocated to the far left in this photo.
The finished combined kitchen and sitting room.