Interior carpentry

windersPhotos of some of my interior carpentry jobs from several years ago: Hand-built spiral staircase and rustic rough cut railing in guest house, West Stockbridge, MA. The stairwell was first framed in a circle on top of nailer plates cut from plywood. 1/4″ AC plywood was determined to be the most flexible and was used to line the inside of the stairwell. A 4×4 Douglas fir post secures the steps at the center.


lauristairsThis client in Williamstown asked me to open up the downstairs of her house. We took out three walls that separated the living room, dining room, kitchen, study, and hallway. Shown here, I removed the doorway to the right of the stairwell at the front entrance. The lower four steps were removed and replaced with slightly expanded elegant steps and a nice curving handrail on either side. The oak flooring was patched in so that there was no sign of the previous wall.


berrykitchenThe owners of this home in Ipswich, MA have a “farmers kitchen” that they wished to brighten up with new paint but not replace. I built and installed these matching cabinets on the other side of the kitchen island to provide more storage space and replace a large table they had been using for that purpose.


hallIn the 1980s my crew added an addition to a home in New Marlboro, Ma, joined by a wide hallway. The owners asked me to utilize that space for as much storage as possible. I built and installed the bookshelves on the right, and added closets on the left with louvered doors.

In order to allow a generous landing at the bottom of these steps, we built a small wall and installed this storage space as you go up the stairs. The doors are simply pine louvers, with two sets of attached pairs sliding past each other. Gordon Harris; gordonharris2@gmail.csidewallom. Visit my Yahoo local listing to read reviews from my clients.


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