A few cabinets and shelves

I constructed these cabinets for the owners of an historic house to fit hand-made doors from old cabinets that were removed when the house was being renovated.


The unusual arrangement was built in 2006 for the clients so that they could continue to use their home entertainment center as they always had, spread out on a mix of shelves across the wall.

The new shelving unified the arrangement, and added excellent storage space underneath for albums and components, along with adjustable bookshelves on the left.


The architect for this bathroom renovation in South Egremont, MA  requested hand-built cabinetry with some rounded edges. The cabinet doors are simply birch plywood with a maple band added. The rounded drawer was created using layers of 1/4″ birch ply glued together. The counter was a special order, white corian. This was in 1988, long before the existence of cell phones, so the owner asked me to include the tiny drawer above the toilet paper roller for a telephone.


These shelves over an island counter in New Marlborough, Massachusetts were constructed of 3/4″ oak. We found some beautiful obscure glass that was being removed from large windows in an abandoned local mill, and had it cut to size. The shelves are suspended from the exposed beam ceiling with 1/2″ black steel rods, threaded at the ends and capped. The shelves are part of a much larger project that in which the house was designed with 9′ ceilings, and long rectangular windows similar to these shelves that wrapped along the intersection of the exterior walls and the ceiling all around the house.


The last photo is a set of bookshelves I created for a bookstore in Great Barrington, MA in 1990. The shelves slope back and are compartmentalized so that the featured books can stand upright, facing the customers.

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