Album display shelves

Self-supporting album display shelves

This client requested self-supporting shelves for his collection of unopened vintage record albums. The room is large, and I installed 5 pairs approximately 8′ long.

Total shelf dimensions and specifications:

  • Unit size: 3 1/4″ deep x 2 1/8″ high x 96″ long
  • Shelf board: : 3/4″ thick x 2 9/16″ deep. Slot: dado 1/4″ deep x 7/16″ wide, terminated with piece of wood after routing.
  • Shelf back: 9/16″ thick x 2 1/8″ high, routed with 45 degree bevel
  • Materials: Clear pine
  • Assembly: back is glued and assembled to shelf with screws spaced at 12″
  • Attachment to wall: (3) #8 x 2 1/2″ wood screws per shelf
  • Finish: primed, then painted with two coats Benjamin Moore Aura white satin finish
Record album shelves
12″ cut-off sample. The shelf and back board were routed before assembly. The back board is glued and screwed to the back of the shelf board
It’s important that the shelf board be joined true 90 degrees before assembly, then apply glue and clamp the two boards flush before screwing together. This holds the joint square, and minimizes sanding of the bottom after assembly. At the ends I terminated the groove with a small piece of wood.
Album shelves
One of two walls in the room with a set of four shelves






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