In the fall of 2014 I was asked to find a way for a client to incorporate a mudroom into their home. There had once been a large side porch on the house, a portion of which had been closed in to add a downstairs bathroom. We decided to take a section of the remaining porch to create a mudroom, accessed by an existing closet door in the entrance hall. They still have a 4′ wide porch providing a nicely sheltered side entrance, and a sparkling new mudroom with ample storage.

Photos below are from before and after:

September 2014: This is the side entrance and porch as it appeared when I met the clients. There was a bench in one corner for removing shoes, and Max’s dog house is in the other corner.
December 2014: The new mudroom sits on part of the original porch, leaving a 4′ covered area for entering the house. I was able to locate matching vinyl siding. Everyone is pleased, with the possible exception of Max the dog.
Entry: The entrance to the new mudroom is through a door that originally opened to a small closet, which can still be defined by the floor tiles which we decided to keep. The porch entrance is on the right.
Inside the new mudroom: A closet similar to the original closet is at the end; a window to the porch provides natural lighting. The floor is pre-finished solid oak,, and I built the  cubbies, shelves, hangers and a bench on the right.