Garden trellis

I made these trellises last winter, but we waited until spring to install them. The stock is 3/4″ clear red cedar, ripped and planed to 1 5/8″ strips. I applied a coat of oil base exterior primer to the wide cedar boards before I ripped them, then the edges were primed, and each board received two coats of white exterior paint.

The client requested that the units be 4′ x 8′, which is the size of my work table. I attached vertical stops around the edges of the table, and laid out the outside frames tight to the stops. After marking the spacing, I cut the lattice at 45 degrees to fit snugly, and attached with trim-head stainless steel screws.

After assembling the lattice to the frames, I installed the caps and casings. The units are attached to 1 1/4″ heavy duty angle iron, painted with white Rustoleum, and driven 3′ into the ground.

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