Dust collection is important for shop cleanliness as well as protecting our health. While no system is 100% perfect, the assortment of methods shown below that I use in my shop does capture 99% of the dust. A Delta two bag dust collector handles the larger ports, while I use shop vacs for tools with smaller orifices.

4″ hoses connect table saws, jointer and radial arm saws to Delta two bag dust collector
Table saw connected to dust collector plus improvised fence collection

Auto switch from Sears turns on vac when tools are activated
Sanding bench connected to collector, sander and Sears bandsaw connected to vac
4″ hose collects dust on my Craftsman radial arm saw


Overhead collector removes dust in the air
View from below of improvised dust collection on older Craftsman jointer
Second tablesaw connected to 4″ system, and improvised router table dust collection